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By the Minister of Civil Aviation of the USSR decree #193 which purpose was to provide uniformity and accuracy of measurements, quality and effectiveness of works performed by research and development institutes or civil aviation operating and repair companies, a base-type check and repair metrology laboratory (BCRML) was created in 1978 on the base of existing avionics laboratory.

The BCRML staff consisted of 4 people.

Since April 1979, the BCRML had continued to master methods of checking non-standardized measuring equipment of specialized application and had started preparing for the Aviation Authorities audit of avionics equipment of general use.

The laboratory had got a registration #104 issued by Tyumen Center of Metrological Standardization on the 8th of April 1981. The registration had granted the lab the right to check and repair more than 220 radio-technical measuring equipment units in total. The BCRML was approved to check and repair 66 non-standardized measuring equipment units by the metrological department of Civil Aviation Ministry in 1982. Annually, the lab was supplemented with operational and model measuring equipment; thereby the range of checks was expanded.

The BCRML was converted into Chief Metrologist Department of TyumenAviaTrans PLC in 1993, and it had been a part of UTair Aviation from 2002 to 2008. As a result of the redeployment, it was named Metrological Service of UTair-Engineering PLC and consists of 20 people at present.


Metrological Service is accredited in ( certificate #012036; State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation certificate #00101/21-02-2007; certificate granting the right to calibrate special measuring equipment #01.03.0089/09-08).

Metrological Service has:

  • the calibration lab performing calibration procedures for such measuring equipment (ME) as heat engineering ME, radio-technical ME, radio-technical special ME, electro-technical ME of general use, electro-technical ME of special use, geometrical ME, mechanical ME,
  • the repair shop for ME routine repair and adjustment (its a number of corrective procedures aiming to recover ME accuracy and efficiency and to set ME metrological parameters up to a standard or according to customers order).


ME Repair License # 004483-.

Metrological Service calibrates and repairs equipment for captive production and as outsourced service.


The most modern and sensitive equipment made by the world leading manufacturers is used here. The level of metrological performance meets all the necessary requirements and enables solving the tasks at hand for supporting the effective work of UTair-Engineering PLC.

Calibrating of measuring equipment

Metrological Service has been accredited in since 1995 and has gotten the right to calibrate measuring equipment. It is equipped with the necessary number of industrial standards, facility, regulatory documents; the staff is highly qualified, experienced and approved.

The following equipment is calibrated in Metrological Service:

  • radio-technical and radio-electronic ME such as LF generators, HF generators, pulse oscillators, voltmeters of B3, B7, B6 types, diode voltmeters, frequency counters of FC3 and FC2 types, attenuators, oscillators, THD analyzers of C6 type, power meters of M3 type, spectrum analyzers and others,
  • electro-technical ME such as AC or DC voltmeters and ammeters, combined instruments, resistor boxes and other,
  • geometrical ME such as inside calipers, micrometer, depth meters, outside calipers, sliding calipers, gauges, angular gages and other,
  • mechanical ME such as tensometers, torque wrenches, equipment for gyro instrument checks, swing brackets,
  • pressure ME such as URL manometers (1,5-4,0) 0,6-400 kg/sm2,
  • drymeters.

Radio-technical and electro-technical ME units of special use are special means of measurements used in aviation.

Shielded rooms checks are possible to conduct.


ME repair

Metrological Service is approved to repair different types of electro- and radio-measuring equipment. The lab is equipped with all the necessary diagnostic and repair equipment. After any kind of repair, a piece of equipment is calibrated mandatory.


  • Certificate of Accreditation #012036 issued on the 27th of December 2008,
  • Appendix to Certificate of Accreditation #012036
  • Certificate of Accreditation # 00101/21-02-2007 issued by State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation on the 09th of March 2007,
  • Appendix to Certificate of Accreditation # 00101/21-02-2007 issued by State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation,
  • Certificate of Accreditation # 01.03.0089/09-08 issued by Air Metrology and Certification Center on the 25th of April 2008,
  • Appendix to Certificate of Accreditation issued by Air Metrology and Certification Center
  • #004483- issued on the 16th of April 2008,
  • Appendix to 004483- (the list of measuring equipment not used in the spheres of application of State System of Metrological Control rules).
Tyumen, Plekhanovo airport, Metrological Service of UTair-Engineering JSC

Chief Metrologist
Eugeny Zakharov
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Maya Ovcharova
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