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At present, UTair-Engineering JSC is also the leading enterprise in the field of helicopters Maintenance Documentation Revision. Technology and Design-Engineering Departments job is:

  • to update the documentation in Russian Federation DOTs Federal Agency of Transportation Control
  • to keep the documentation reference sample updated and to revise the maintenance documentation of other operating companies according to it,
  • to improve AC airframe and maintenance documentation (to issue technological instructions, technical descriptions, manuals and so on),
  • to develop troubleshooting procedures and maintenance procedures not included in Maintenance Documentation,
  • to improve technical documentation forms and check lists,
  • to analyze the documentation reference sample and to develop revisions to it taking into account the technical condition of the AC fleet and peculiarities of operating in different weather conditions,
  • to send suggestions on the improvement of the AC airframe, of the documentation reference sample and of the diagnostic tools to State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation,
  • to send suggestions on design and on manufacturing corrective measures to manufacturers,
  • to coordinate service bulletins with Federal Agency of Transportation Control,
  • to inspect problems of helicopter operation,
  • to issue Maintenance Documentation revisions and to provide customers with them,
  • to develop an expert analysis on customers technical decisions,
  • to develop suggestions on improvement of maintenance procedures and on implementation of new innovative maintenance procedures decreasing expanses and increasing economical effectiveness,
  • to develop suggestions on using the new equipment,
  • to develop procedures of AC casual inspections and of works not included in Maintenance Documentation,
  • to offer technical consultation,
  • to organize maintenance documentation management and keeping,
  • to organize service bulletins keeping and providing ATDs departments with them.


Technology and Design-Engineering Department
Head of Department

Dmitriy Leonov
Tel: +7 (3452) 29-82-38.