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UTair-Engineering PLC is a successor of Zavod 26, (Plant #26) since 02/05/2007.
It was founded in 1933 in the city of Novosibirsk (under the name of Novosibirsk aircraft repair and overhaul shops. It was relocated to Barnaul in 1941 and was given the name of Aircraft repair and overhaul shops #26. And finally, it was moved to Tyumen in 1944.
During the first years of its existence, the enterprise conducted repair and overhaul of Sh-2 and Po-2 airplanes (1942-1959), on M-11 and AI-14R engines (1942-1962).
The number of units overhauled within this period:
          Aircraft Po-2 -700 items
          Sh-2 - 324 items
          Engine M-11 – 800 items
          AI-14R – 759 items
In 1958, the enterprise had mastered the Mi-1 helicopters overhaul procedures, by 1961 – the An-2 airplane overhaul procedures. The Mi-1 overhaul procedures had been conducted till 1976 when this type of helicopters was withdrawn from service. 1586 Mi-1 helicopters were overhauled during 1961–1976 by the enterprise. An-2 overhaul procedures are still conducted. 3137 An-2 airplanes of all versions were overhauled during this time (including agricultural version and hydroplane).
The enterprise was renamed in 1968 in accordance with USSR Civil Aviation Ministry order #402  dated 08.07.68 it became Zavod #26 of Civil Aviation. By 1974, the plant had mastered the Mi-2 helicopters overhaul procedures. The first Mi-8 overhaul was conducted in 1980. The Mi-8MT, Mi-8MTB-1 overhaul procedures have been conducted since 1992, the Mi-8AMT ones – since 2002. The number of overhauled units is the following:
               Mi-2 -741 items
               Mi-8MT (MTV-1) – 114 items
               Mi-8 -2340 items
               Mi-8AMT - 11 items
The government-owned enterprise Zavod #26 of CA became Zavod #26 in 1992. In collaboration with Nizhnevartovsk Aviation Enterprise, it has conducted repair-recovery works on Mi-8 helicopters since 1997 and on Mi-8AMT – since 1999. The number of helicopters repaired:
              Mi-8 – 12 items;
              Mi8 – 4 items.
During 1999-2006 the plant conducted periodical maintenance of Mi-8 and Mi-8MTB-1. The number of helicopters under maintenance is the following:
             Mi-8 – 16 items;
             Mi-8MTV-1 – 5 items.
By 2001, the enterprise has mastered An-2 repair and recovery procedures. These procedures have been completed 2 times since then. In 2002-2003 the plant completed repair-recovery procedures on 5 Mi-8 helicopters on «DENEL AVIATION» base in South Africa.
On the 1st of January 2007 Aerotechnical Division of UTair Aviation was integrated into the enterprise, all the repair and overhaul related departments of which were combined into Aircraft Overhaul & Repair Division.
On the 1st of March 2007 during the stockholders meeting it was decided to change the name of the enterprise to UTair-Engineering
On the 1st of January 2008 Metrological Service of UTair-Engineering was founded combining UTair-Engineerings metrological lab and metrological department of Tyumen aviation enterprise – affiliate of  UTair Aviation.
In October 2009 UTair-Engineering opened its aircraft maintenance and repair center dedicated to maintain foreign manufactured helicopters.  Currently the company is authorized to provide overhaul services for foreign manufactured helicopters Robinson-R44 to carry out maintenance of Eurocopter and Agusta Westland helicopters.
The 12th of September 2013 was a remarkable day for UTair –Engineering, the company celebrated its 80th anniversary.