UTair-Engineering PLC, © 2009
625025, Tyumen, Plekhanovo airport, Internatsionalnaya Street, 187
Tel: +7 (3452) 43-29-33, 43-23-73 (outer office), 43-21-51


UTair-Engineering JSC performs
  • overhaul of all Mi-8 versions, modifications and components; Mi-171, Mi-172; An-2 and its components;
  • maintenance works for Mi-26, Mi-171, Mi-172, Mi-8, Mi-8MT, Mi-8MTB-1, Mi-8AMT, AW139, AS-350B3, AS-355N, AS355NP, BO-105 and R-44,
  • repair and recovery works,
  • repair of AC components,
  • manufacturing of items used for components repair,
  • preparation and performing of renewal works for TBO and SLL components,
  • embodiment of AC modifications and installation of optional equipment with manufacturers technical support,
  • embodiment of equipment modifications providing approval paperwork and service records,
  • functions of leading technical base for Mi-8, Mi-8-MTB-1, Mi-8AMT, Mi-10, Mi-26, Mi-171 and itsí modifications,
  • AC and components transportation to the place of performing repair and overhaul works and back by any means of transport,
  • custom registration and processing,
  • repair engineering for components, MGBs and auxiliary power plants.

At present the company is approved to perform Mi-8, Mi-8MTB-1, Mi-8AMT, Mi-171, Mi-172, An-2 repair, overhaul and maintenance works and AW139, BO-105, AS-350B3, AS-355N, AS355NP, R44 maintenance works.
UTair-Engineering JSC provides the full circle of repair and overhaul technological processes – from full disassembly and washing to assembly, painting, ground run and test flight. The workshops and laboratories are equipped with unique test stands for components and equipment testing. Some new facilities compliant with modern international standards are put into operation – such as the assembly workshop, components repair workshop and painting workshop.